Latest seminar - Complexity of Reachability and Mortality for Low-dimensional Dynamical Systems

The biocomputation group hosts a weekly journal club meeting. If you have any queries, please have a look at the journal club guidelines or contact Eleonora Bernasconi at e.bernasconi AT or Ohki Katakura at o.katakura AT Abstracts and other material related to these sessions will feature in the news section. The current rota is:

January 2024 - July 2024

# Name Title Date
1 Mohammad Tayaraninajaran A probabilistic meta-heuristic optimisation algorithm for image multi-level thresholding 26/01/24
2 Simon O'Connor Does combinatorial coding hinder the understanding of structure odour relationships in human olfaction? 02/02/24
3 Edward Wakelam Exploitation of footballer analytics 16/02/24
4 Ohki Katakura How the cerebellum recognises learnt and novel patterns: computational approach with a biologically detailed network model 23/02/24
5 Reinoud Maex An analytical model of the energy of ion mixing in the brain 01/03/24
6 Deepak Panday CEPS: An Open Access MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Analysis of Complexity and Entropy in Physiological Signals 08/03/24
7 Jim Bower Metabolic activity organizes olfactory representations 05/04/24
8 Na Helian Attention in Neural Networks 12/04/24
9 Olga Tveretina Complexity of Reachability and Mortality for Low-dimensional Dynamical Systems 19/04/24
10 Nada Yousif -- 26/04/24
11 Shabnam Kadir -- 03/05/24
12 Bente Riegler -- 10/05/24
13 Agnes Bonivart -- 17/05/24
14 Volker Steuber -- 24/05/24
15 Yi Sun -- 31/05/24
16 Simon McCool -- 07/06/24
17 Epameinondas Kapetanios -- 14/06/24
18 Emil Dmitruk -- 21/06/24
19 Sam Sutton -- 28/06/24
20 Nik Dennler -- 05/07/24
21 Maria Psarrou -- 12/07/24
22 Yar Muhammad -- 19/07/24

January 2023 - July 2023

# Name Title Date
1 Yar Muhammad Brain-Computer Interface & their Applications, Challenges, Future & Our research contributions 27/01/23
2 Reinoud Maex An Isotonic Model of Neuron Swelling Based on Co-Transport of Salt and Water 03/02/23
3 Manal Helal miRe2e: A Full End-to-End Deep Model Based on Transformers for Prediction of Pre-miRNAs 10/02/23
4 Shabnam Kadir Consciousness and Information Theory 17/02/23
5 Michael Schmuker Will Graph Neural Networks Revolutionise Computational Olfaction? 24/02/23
6 Mohammad Tayarani-Najaran An Evolutionary Ensemble Learning for Diagnosing COVID-19 via Cough Signals 03/03/23
7 --- -- 10/03/23
8 Harpreet Singh Survey of Sentiment Analysis models leveraging transformers along with other NLP techniques to enrich word vectors for classification 17/03/23
9 --- -- 24/03/23
10 Emil Dmitruk Edge-Centric Functional Network Representations of Human Cerebral Cortex Reveal Overlapping System-Level Architecture 31/03/23
11 Maria Psarrou Functional Neurology of a Brain System: A 3D Olfactory Bulb Model to Process Natural Odorants 05/05/23
12 Mohammad Tayarani-Najaran A Genetic Programming-Based Convolutional Deep Learning Algorithm for Identifying COVID-19 Cases via X-ray Images 12/05/23
13 Eleonora Bernasconi Voltage- and Branch-Specific Climbing Fiber Responses in Purkinje Cells 19/05/23
14 Han Lu Interplay between homeostatic synaptic scaling and homeostatic structural plasticity maintains the robust firing rate of neural networks 16/06/23
15 Yaqoob Muhammad The evolution, analysis and design of spiking neural networks for temporal pattern recognition 23/06/23
16 Minghua Zheng Few-shot Object Counting with Similarity-Aware Feature Enhancement 30/06/23
17 Eleonora Bernasconi Predicting saccades given the behavior of Purkinje cells 07/07/23

February 2022 - July 2022

# Name Title Date
1 Maria Psarrou Manipulating Synthetic Optogenetic Odors Reveals the Coding Logic of Olfactory Perception 04/02/22
2 Minghua Zheng Learning To Count Everything 11/02/22
3 Stavros Anagnou Spurious Normativity Enhances Learning of Compliance and Enforcement Behavior in Artificial Agents 18/02/22
4 Michael Schmuker Using Head-Mounted Ethanol Sensors to Monitor Olfactory Information and Determine Behavioral Changes Associated with Ethanol-Plume Contact during Mouse Odor-Guided Navigation 25/02/22
5 --- -- 04/03/22
6 --- -- 11/03/22
7 --- -- 18/03/22
8 Mohammad Tayarani-Najaran A Novel Ensemble Machine Learning and an Evolutionary Algorithm in Modeling the COVID-19 Epidemic and Optimizing Government Policies 25/03/22
9 Emil Dmitruk Uncovering the Topology of Time-Varying fMRI Data Using Cubical Persistence 01/04/22
10 --- -- 08/04/22
11 Olga Tveretina Complexity of the Reachability and Mortality Problems for Hybrid Dynamical Systems 22/04/22
12 Na Helian Boosting Ant Colony Optimization with Reptile Search Algorithm for Churn Prediction 29/04/22
13 --- -- 06/05/22
14 Manal Helal Tensor Decomposition with Relational Constraints for Predicting Multiple Types of microRNA-disease Associations 13/05/22
15 Harpreet Singh Sentiment Analysis Using BLSTM-ResNet on Textual Images 20/05/22
16 Yi Sun On Projection Methods for Functional Time Series Forecasting 27/05/22
17 Reinoud Maex Effect of Extracellular Volume on the Energy Stored in Transmembrane Concentration Gradients 17/06/22
18 David Haydock -- 24/06/22
19 Volker Steuber Long-Term Depression and Recognition of Parallel Fibre Patterns in a Multi-Compartmental Model of a Cerebellar Purkinje Cell 01/07/22
20 Shavika Rastogi Distinct Lateral Inhibitory Circuits Drive Parallel Processing of Sensory Information in the Mammalian Olfactory Bulb 08/07/22
21 Epaminondas Kapetanios Explanation in Human-AI Systems 15/07/22

February 2021 - July 2021

# Name Title Date
1 Damien Drix Rapid online learning and robust recall in a neuromorphic olfactory circuit 05/02/21
2 Reinoud Maex Packaging Life: The Origin of Ion-Selective Channels 12/02/21
3 Chinthani Karandeni Dewage Interactions between Brassica Napus and Extracellular Fungal Pathogen Pyrenopeziza Brassicae 26/02/21
4 David Haydock Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Brain at Rest Exploring EEG Microstates as Electrophysiological Signatures of BOLD Resting State Networks 05/03/21
5 Deepak Panday Minkowski metric, feature weighting and anomalous cluster initializing in K-Means clustering 12/03/21
6 Mohammad Tayarani-Najaran How to Exploit Fitness Landscape Properties of Timetabling Problem: A New Operator for Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm 19/03/21
7 Emil Dmitruk Organization of Cell Assemblies in the Hippocampus 16/04/21
8 Volker Steuber Bursting Neurons Signal Input Slope 23/04/21
9 Yaqoob Muhammad Learning compositional sequences with multiple time scales through a hierarchical network of spiking neurons 30/04/21
10 Maria Psarrou Fast Odour Dynamics Are Encoded in the Olfactory System and Guide Behaviour 07/05/21
11 Nik Dennler Event-Driven Sensing for Efficient Perception: Vision and Audition Algorithms 14/05/21
12 Shabnam Kadir Feasibility of Topological Data Analysis for Event-Related fMRI 21/05/21
13 Muhammad Aamir Khan Study of weak / strong multiplication in gain modulation 28/05/21
14 Minghua Zheng Class-Balanced Loss Based on Effective Number of Samples 04/06/21
15 Michael Schmuker Feed-Forward and Noise-Tolerant Detection of Feature Homogeneity in Spiking Networks with a Latency Code 11/06/21
16 Bente Riegler Toward a New Theory of Motor Synergies 18/06/21
17 Shavika Rastogi A Spiking Neural Program for Sensorimotor Control during Foraging in Flying Insects 25/06/21
18 Na Helian Feature Weighted Density-based Clustering 07/07/21
19 Yi Sun Clustering Functional Data into Groups by Using Projections 14/07/21

January 2020 - July 2020

# Name Title Date
1 Yi Sun Towards Discriminative representation learning for speech Emotion recognition 31/01/20
2 Emil Dmitruk Hyperbolic geometry of the olfactory space 07/02/20
3 Na Helian Dynamic Hierarchical Structure for Cloud Computing Job Scheduling Utilizing Artificial Intelligence Technologies 14/02/20
4 Yaqoob Muhammad Autaptic Connections Shift Network Excitability and Bursting 21/02/20
5 Emil Dmitruk Cliques of Neurons Bound into Cavities Provide a Missing Link between Structure and Function 28/02/20
6 Emil Dmitruk Cliques of Neurons Bound into Cavities Provide a Missing Link between Structure and Function- continued 06/03/20
7 Ohki Katakura Spatiotemporal network coding of physiological mossy fiber inputs by the cerebellar granular layer 13/03/20
8 Anna Dumitriu Cyberspecies Proximity - Anna Dumitriu and Alex May 03/04/20
9 Damien Drix The control of plastic inhibition over excitatory synaptic plasticity leads to the joint emergence of sensory coding and contrast invariance 24/04/20
10 Shabnam Kadir Illusory sound texture reveals multi-second statistical completion in auditory scene analysis 22/05/20
11 Volker Steuber On Robot Compliance: A Cerebellar Control Approach 29/05/20
12 Reinoud Maex A Kirchhoff-Nernst-Planck framework for modeling large scale extracellular electrodiffusion surrounding morphologically detailed neurons 05/06/20
13 Ritesh Kumar Extraordinary performance of semiconducting metal oxide gas sensors using dielectric excitation 12/06/20
14 Mohammad Tayarani-Najaran Probabilistic Optimization Algorithms for Real-Coded Problems And Its Application in Latin Hypercube Problem 19/06/20
15 Emil Dmitruk Towards a new approach to reveal dynamical organization of the brain using topological data analysis 10/07/20
16 Muhammad Aamir Khan Spiking Neural Networks Evolved to Perform Multiplicative Operations 17/07/20

January 2019 - July 2019

# Name Title Date
1 Julia Goncharenko Microcircuits and their interactions in epilepsy: is the focus out of focus? 25/01/19
2 Shabnam Kadir The power of deep networks and learning 01/02/19
3 Damien Drix Learning in Cephalopod Brains 08/02/19
4 Reinoud Maex Modelling nicotine addiction 15/02/19
5 Volker Steuber Rank order decoding of temporal input patterns 22/02/19
6 Sam Sutton ASP: Learning to Forget With Adaptive Synaptic Plasticity in Spiking Neural Networks 01/03/19
7 Olga Tveretina What Is Decidable About Low Dimensional Hybrid Systems? 15/03/19
8 Edward Wakelam The Potential for Student Performance Prediction in Small Cohorts with Minimal Available Attributes using Learning Analytics Techniques 22/03/19
9 Ankur Sinha Investigating the activity dependent dynamics of synaptic structures using biologically realistic modelling of peripheral lesion experiments 29/03/19
10 Na Helian OPTICS: Ordering Points To Identify the Clustering Structure 05/04/19
11 Emil Dmitruk An EMG-CT method using multiple surface electrodes in the forearm 12/04/19
12 Ohki Katakura Revisiting a theory of cerebellar cortex 03/05/19
13 Yi Sun Introduction to Functional Data Analysis 10/05/19
14 Mohammad Tayarani-Najaran Magnetic-inspired optimization algorithms: Operators and structures 17/05/19
15 Deepak Panday -- 24/05/19
16 Michael Schmuker Event-based artificial intelligence with neuromorphic accelerators 31/05/19
17 Yaqoob Muhammad Evolution of robust spiking neural networks for temporal pattern recognition 07/06/19
18 Rene te Boekhorst Freeing Machines from Cartesian Chains 28/06/19
19 Julia Goncharenko -- 05/07/19
20 Shabnam Kadir -- 12/07/19

January 2018 - July 2017

# Name Title Date
1 Cosme Llerena Blind Source Separation and Machine Learning Applications 26/01/18
2 Volker Steuber Resources for Neuronal Modelling 02/02/18
3 Ankur Sinha The role of inhibition in structural plasticity of neural circuits 09/02/18
4 Rebecca Miko Olfactory coding in the turbulent realm 16/02/18
5 Andrei-Daniel Robu Using SymPy in exploratory research 23/02/18
6 Damien Drix Learning sparse codes and predictive context with compartmentalised inputs 09/03/18
7 Marco Craveiro Handling Variability in Model Transformations and Generators 16/03/18
8 Yi Sun Singular Spectrum Analysis - A very short introduction​ 23/03/18
9 Ariun Narmandakh Single chain antibodies and their diversification of application 06/04/18
10 Anna Dumitriu and Alex May ArchaeaBot: A Post Singularity, Post Climate Change Lifeform 20/04/18
11 Jean Petrić Mining data for defect prediction 27/04/18
12 Jean Petrić Mining data for defect prediction - Continued 04/05/18
13 Reinoud Maex A metric for consciousness, and the decline of the Hodgkin-Huxley theory 11/05/18
14 Maria Psarrou A comparison of deterministic and stochastic ion channel representations in a model of a cerebellar nucleus neuron 25/05/18
15 Michael Schmuker Decoding gas source proximity from turbulent plumes 01/06/18
16 Maria Psarrou A comparison of deterministic and stochastic ion channel representations in a model of a cerebellar nucleus neuron - Continued 08/06/18
17 Deepak Panday Reverse Nearest Neighbor Queries: emergence and implementation issues 15/06/18
18 Sam Sutton Signal Propagation and Logic Gating in Networks of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons 22/06/18
19 Rene te Boekhorst Complexity of Biological Systems: Deterministic vs Stochastic Modelling 29/06/18
20 Rene te Boekhorst Complexity of Biological Systems: Deterministic vs Stochastic Modelling - Continued 06/07/18

February 2017 - July 2017

# Name Title Date
1 Marco Craveiro Update on my research: using watertight polygon meshes for neuronal morphology representation 03/02/17
2 Sam Sutton Improving the performance of spatial searching in BTMORPH: An investigation into the implementation of R-tree spatial indexing 10/02/17
3 Deepak Panday Feature weighting as a tool for clustered based imputation model 17/02/17
4 Ankur Sinha Multi-contact synapses for stable networks: a spike-timing dependent model of dendritic spine plasticity and turnover 24/02/17
5 Anuradha Sulane Detecting emotion of a person from their voice 03/03/17
6 Michael Schmuker Neuromorphic hardware - what is it, why is everybody talking about it, and does it live up to the hype? 10/03/17
7 Jean Petrić Reproducible research with Knitr 17/03/17
8 Alex Hocking Mining Hubble Space Telescope images 24/03/17
9 Christoph Metzner Automated validation and comparison of neurophysiological biomarkers of psychiatric disorders 31/03/17
10 Edward Wakelam Predictive analytics based student intervention 07/04/17
-- -- -- 14/04/17
-- -- -- 21/04/17
11 Ankur Sinha Loss of sensory input causes rapid structural changes of inhibitory neurons in adult mouse visual cortex 28/04/17
12 Paul Moggridge -- 05/05/17
13 Maria Psarrou An introduction to NEURON 12/05/17
14 Anuradha Sulane Introduction to signal processing using FFT 19/05/17
15 Rene te Boekhorst Probability distributions for time durations 26/05/17
16 Cristina Barrero-Sicilia Rapid gene isolation in barley and wheat by mutant chromosome sequencing 02/06/17
17 Marco Craveiro Model driven engineering: an emerging technical space 09/06/17
-- -- -- 16/06/17
18 Andre-Daniel Robu Time as it could be measured in artificial living systems 23/06/17
19 Christoph Metzner Role of intraglomerular circuits in shaping temporally structured responses to naturalistic inhalation-driven sensory input to the olfactory bulb 30/06/17
20 Michael Schmuker Opportunities and challenges in the Human Brain Project 07/07/17
21 Ronak Bhavsar The Correlation between EEG Signals as Measured in Different Positions on Scalp Varying with Distance 14/07/17

May 2016 - January 2017

# Name Title Date
1 James Bower What does the nose know and how does it know it 20/05/16
2 Jean Petrić The jinx on the NASA software defect data sets 27/05/16
3 Alex Hocking Convolutional neural networks 03/06/16
4 Christoph Metzner Could a neuroscientist understand a microprocessor? 10/06/16
5 Marylka Uusisaari From morphology to network-level activity patterns: dendritic arrangement and clustering among inferior olive neurons 17/06/16
6 Gui Valente Research team from UNESP-Brazil reports its works on Genomics: from basic science to biotechnology 24/06/16
7 Anuradha Sulane Detecting road surface wetness from audio: A deep learning approach 08/07/16
8 Alex Hocking Automated morphological classification using machine learning techniques 15/07/16
9 Edward Wakelam Sloping the interview and career development playing fields in your favour 22/07/16
10 Deepak Panday Removing noisy features via feature weights: preliminary results in mixed-model Gaussian distributions 09/09/16
11 Nathan Beka Next generation sequencing (NGS) 16/09/16
12 Ankur Sinha Opposing effects of neuronal activity on structural plasticity 30/09/16
13 Volker Steuber Computational models of synaptic plasticity and information processing in the cerebellum 07/10/16
14 Paul Moggridge Optimising Hierarchical Load Balancing for the Cloud 14/10/16
15 Rene Boekhorst Principal component analysis 21/10/16
16 Marco Craveiro The pricing of options and corporate liabilities 28/10/16
17 Julia Goncharenko Self-sustained Asynchronous Irregular states and Up-Down states in thalamocortical networks of nonlinear integrate-and-fire neurons 04/11/16
18 Benjamin Torben-Nielsen Neuronal computation: dendrites at work 11/11/16
19 Weam Binjumah Error correction over optical transmission 18/11/16
20 Tuomo Mäki-Marttunen A stepwise neuron model fitting procedure designed for recordings with high spatial resolution: application to layer 5 pyramidal cells 25/11/16
21 Yi Sun Dynamic functional principal components 02/12/16
22 Nada Yousif Multi-scale modelling of neurostimulation effects in movement disorders 09/12/16
23 Maria Psarrou Multiplicative gain changes are induced by excitation or inhibition alone 16/12/16
24 Edward Wakelam Understanding how corporations align their strategies and objectives ensures career development ahead of people that don't 13/01/17
25 Jean Petrić Impact of code smells in test code 20/01/17
26 Maria Schilstra Stochastic model of template-directed elongation processes in biology 27/01/17

September 2015 - April 2016

# Name Title Date
1 Alex Hocking Analysing hubble space telescope images 04/09/15
2 Ankur Sinha Why you must use Git and how you use it 18/09/15
3 Christoph Metzner Computational psychiatry: bridging the gap between genes and symptoms 25/09/15
4 Neil Davey Network Connectivity 09/10/15
5 Volker Steuber Inhibitory plasticity balances excitation and inhibition in sensory pathways and memory networks 16/10/15
6 Stella Holtorf Memory performance of plastic spiking neural networks 23/10/15
7 Rene Boekhorst Artificial life: Insights in Simplexity and Complicity 30/10/15
8 Benjamin Torben-Nielsen Reconstruction and simulation of neocortical microcircuitry 06/11/15
9 Julia Goncharenko The effect of regularity synchrony and STD on deep cerebellar nuclei in physiological conditions and during downbeat nystagmus 13/11/15
10 Ankur Sinha Homoeostatic structural plasticity and cortical reorganization after focal retinal lesions 20/11/15
11 Weam Binjumah Reducing bit error rate in optical data transmission using linear SVM 27/11/15
12 Sylvia Beka Characteristics of Type 1 Diabetes Susceptibility Regions 04/12/15
13 Willem Wybo Capturing dendritic computation with the Green’s function formalism 15/01/16
14 Yi Sun Development of computational models for characterizing small ice particles based on their two-dimensional light scattering patterns 22/01/16
15 Maria Psarrou Gain modulation from background synaptic input 29/01/16
16 Kirsty Kidd Exploring the cerebellar Purkinje cell 05/02/16
17 Jean Petrić The software bugs fairy tale 19/02/16
18 Maria Schilstra BoB: stochastic simulation of a process with non-Markov dynamics 04/03/16
19 Michael Schmuker Exploring neural computation in odour space 11/03/16
20 Ankur Sinha Dendritic Computation 01/04/16
21 Edward Wakelam The potential for using artificial intelligence techniques to improve e-Learning systems 08/04/16
22 Felix Effenberger Forests are TREES 2 - Dendritic tree topology revisited 22/04/16
23 Marco Craveiro Using watertight polygon meshes for neuronal morphology representation 29/04/16