Research team from UNESP-Brazil reports its works on Genomics: from basic science to biotechnology

Gui Valente joins us for a special journal club session.

This lecture is made possible through an international partnership between Prof. Fitt and Dr. Stotz (University of Hertfordshire) with Dr. Valente (São Paulo State University, UNESP-Brazil) with funding from the Santander Bank. The aim of this meeting it to report what Valente's team has been doing in science to establish future international cooperation between both universities as a result of Santander funding.

Dr. Valente leads the Systems Biology and Genomics Lab. at the São Paulo State University, Brazil (UNESP). Despite being a quite new group (2015), they have worked on several biological topics, including biofuel, health science, plant research and basic sciences (genome organization and evolution). They focus on using bioinformatics as an important "toolbox" for better understanding biological questions. This, the presentation will therefore introduce Valente's research group, showing projects they are working on right now. He will show results on ncRNAs, HIV+HCV/HBV evolution, B chromosome science, genomic entropies, enzyme discoveries in plants and S. cerevisiae ethanol tolerance.

Date: 24/06/2016
Time: 16:00
Location: LB252

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