Core Faculty and Research Staff

  • Rod Adams (Emeritus Professor)
    Research Interests: hierarchical clusterers, genetic algorithms, developmental neural networks, evolutionary neural networks, biological models
  • Na Helian
    Research Interests: machine learning, cloud computing
  • Shabnam Kadir
    Research Interests: computational neuroscience, auditory neuroscience, bioinformatics, topological data analysis
  • Yar Muhammad
    Research Interests: Brain Computer Interface (BCI) for health domain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning
  • Michael Schmuker
    Research Interests: Neuromorphic Computing, Olfaction (in animals and machines), Chemical Fragrance Space, Smart Agriculture
  • Volker Steuber
    Research Interests: biocomputation, computational neuroscience, systems biology, machine learning
  • Yi Sun
    Research Interests: probabilistic modelling of data, unsupervised learning, model selection
  • Olga Tveretina
    Research Interests: verification of hybrid systems, propositional proof complexity​, dynamical systems
  • Mohammad Yaqoob
    Research Interests: computational neuroscience, machine learning, and temporal pattern recognition
  • Nada Yousif
    Research Interests: computational neuroscience, movement disorders, neurostimulation

Research Fellows

  • Reinoud Maex
    Research Interests: cerebellar computation, modelling drug addiction
  • Maria Psarrou
    Research Interests: Network modelling of neuronal circuits, neuronal computations and their determinants, data analytics
  • Pinaki Saha
    Research Interests: Olfaction, Machine learning, Cheminformatics
  • Sam Sutton
    Research Interests: machine learning, image processing, olfaction
  • Tariq Hilmi
    Research Interests: Computational Neuroscience, Olfaction, Gas Plumes

Visiting Professors

  • Jim Bower
    Research Interests: computations in the cerebellum and olfactory system, simulator development, educational technology

Visiting Research Fellows

  • Paolo Dini
    Research Interests: algebraic biology (BIOMICS)
  • Simon O'Connor
    Research Interests: information processing in the olfactory system
  • Maria Schilstra
    Research Interests: biocomputation, systems biology, genetic regulatory networks

PhD Students

  • Mahsa Aliakbarzadeh
    Research Interests: cerebellar computation, robotics and medical applications
  • Chama Bensmail
    Research Interests: computational neuroscience, simulated agents, evolutionary systems
  • Marco Craveiro
    Research Interests: computational modelling, computational neuroscience
  • Nik Dennler
    Research Interests: Neuromorphic Olfaction
  • Emil Dmitruk
    Research Interests: computational homology, neural coding, and sensory systems
  • David Haydock
    Research Interests: Computational Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, EEG and fMRI analysis
  • Ohki Katakura
    Research Interests: computational neuroscience, cerebellar computation, motor learning
  • Simon McCool
    Research Interests: machine learning, autonomous vehicles
  • Rebecca Miko
    Research Interests: computational neuroscience, robotics and olfaction
  • Rupa Patel
    Research Interests: Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Paul Moggridge
    Research Interests: artificial intelligence and cloud computing
  • Shamim Ibne Shahid
    Research Interests: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Affective Computing, Psychology
  • Harpreet Singh
    Research Interests: machine learning, sentiment analysis
  • Sam Sutton
    Research Interests: machine learning, image processing, olfaction
  • Muhammad Umer
    Research Interests: machine learning, text analysis
  • Minghua Zheng
    Research Interests: Cloud computing, computer vision and deep learning

Affiliated Faculty

  • Lola Cañamero
    Research Interests: motivation and emotion modelling for autonomous and social agents, neural controllers
  • William Clocksin
    Research Interests: machine learning, optical character recognition, autonomous vehicles
  • Ray Frank
    Research Interests: neural computation, cognitive science, evolutionary neural networks, developmental neural networks
  • James Geach
    Research Interests: evolution of galaxies, with a special emphasis on obscured activity, the role of environment, and the properties and evolution of cold gas in and around galaxies
  • Manal Helal
    Research Interests: Network Models, Complex Systems, Tensor Multi-way Analysis
  • Peter Lane
    Research Interests: neural computation, natural language processing, cognitive science, image processing
  • Daniel Polani
    Research Interests: artificial intelligence, artificial life, information theory for intelligent information processing, sensor evolution, collective and multi-agent systems
  • Chris Stopford
    Research Interests: light scattering and radiative processes

Artists in Residence

Previous Group Members

  • Irina Abnizova
    Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
    Research Interests: Biostatistics
  • Parimala Alva
    Research Interests: neuronal mechanisms of epileptic activity
  • Parivash Ashrafi
    Research Interests: machine learning and skin permeability of drugs
  • Ronak Bhavsar
    Research Interests: machine learning and EEG analysis
  • Weam Binjumah
    Research Interests: machine learning and optical data transmission
  • Hamid Boulouri
    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, USA
    Research Interests: biocomputation, computational systems biology
  • David Bowes
    Lancaster University, UK
    Research Interests: machine learning, software defect prediction
  • Weiliang Chen
    Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
    Research Interests: connectivity of the mammalian cortex, associative memory
  • Neil Davey
    Open University, UK
    Research Interests: computational neuroscience, machine learning, artificial intelligence
  • Giseli de Sousa
    Connectionism and Cognitive Science Lab, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
    Research Interests: neuronal morphology
  • Laurence Dixon
    Emeritus Professor
    Research Interests: optimisation, radial basis function networks, evolutionary neural networks, generalisation
  • Damien Drix
    Research Interests: neuroscience, dendritic computation, neuromorphic hardware
  • Kevin A. J. Doherty
    British Aerospace, UK
    Research Interests: competitive neural networks, hierarchical clustering, design patterns
  • Burak Erdeniz
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
    Research Interests: cognitive Neuroscience, FMRI
  • David Gray
    Visiting Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire
    Research Interests: machine learning, software defect prediction
  • Sarah Keating
    Senior software developer at European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK
    Research Interests: computational systems biology
  • Kirsty Kidd
    Research Interests: evolutionary changes of neuronal morphologies
  • Ritesh Kumar
    Research Interests: olfaction, machine learning
  • Cosme Llerena
    Research Interests: signal processing, data analysis, sound applications, machine learning
  • Johannes Luthman
    Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
    Research Interests: computational biology
  • Zaheed Mahmood
    Research Interests: machine learning and software defect prediction
  • Wolfgang Marwan
    Max-Planck-Institut fuer Dynamik komplexer technischer Systeme, Madgeburg, Germany`_
    Research Interests: molecular network analysis
  • Nicolas Oros
    University of California Irvine, USA
    Research Interests: evolving Spiking Neural Controllers for Simulated Robots
  • Zhengjun Pan
    Software Contractor at Anite; Director at TurboLab Ltd
  • Wanida Pensuwon
    Khon Kaen University, Thailand
    Research Interests: cluster analysis, hierarchical classification, competitive learning neural networks, stochastic learning
  • Jean Petrić
    Research Interests: machine learning and software defect prediction
  • Thiago Matos Pinto
    University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Research Interests: computational models of intracellular signalling cascades
  • Shavika Rastogi
    Research Interests: computational neuroscience, neuromorphic cognition, brain inspired neuromorphic computing
  • Faisal Rezwan
    Computational Modelling Group, University of Southampton
    Research Interests: biocomputation, genetic regulatory networks
  • Fiona Richardson
    Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, UCL, London, UK
    Research Interests: cognitive neuroscience, perception and action
  • Mark Robinson
    Benaroya Institute, Seattle, USA
    Research Interests: biocomputation
  • Alistair Rust
    European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK
    Research Interests: evolutionary neural networks, biological development, artificial evolution, vision, computational neuroscience
  • Karen Safaryan
    University of California Los Angeles, USA
    Research Interests: cerebellar network modelling, Spike train analysis
  • Tamie Salter
    Que Innovations Lab, Canada
    Research Interests: Assistive Robotics
  • Aruna Shenoy
    Adaptive Systems Group, University of Hertfordshire
    Research Interests: The computational analysis of facial expression
  • Ankur Sinha
    Research Interests: cortical reorganisation and memory performance after lesions
  • Anuradha Sulane
    Research Interests: machine learning, neural networks and audio recognition
  • Ken Tabb
    Health and Human Sciences, University of Hertfordshire
    Research Interests: vision, snakes
  • Rene te Boekhorst
    Research Interests: bioinformatics, embodied artificial intelligence, biology, dynamical systems, primate social dynamics
  • Angela Thurnham
    Tilda Goldberg Centre for Social Work and Social Care, UK
    Research Interests: Schizophrenia and Connectionist Models
  • Hünkar Can Tunç
    Research Interests: computational neuroscience, balanced asynchronous irregular networks
  • Katja Wegner
    University of Karlsruhe, Germany
    Research Interests: biocomputation
  • Chrystopher Nehaniv
    University of Waterloo, Canada
    Research Interests: algebraic biology, constructive biology, evolution, mathematical methods for systems biology, genetic regulatory networks, cognitive and computational neuroscience
  • Wajih ul Islam
    Research Interests: machine learning and image processing