Complexity of Biological Systems: Deterministic vs Stochastic Modelling

Rene te Boekhorst's journal club session where he discusses the complexity of biological systems and presents the paper "A model of ion channel kinetics using deterministic chaotic rather than stochastic processes (Liebovitch and Toth, 1991)".

In this talk, Rene will highlight some issues concerning the modelling of biological processes. The conventional approach to capture the complexity of biological systems is to focus on their unpredictability and to explain this in terms probability theory, i.e. as stochastic processes. Time series analysis and Markov Chains are popular tools for stochastic modelling and Rene will cover a few fundamental methodological aspects and assumptions of both formalisms. Rene will pay special attention to some terminological confusion concerning the probability distributions underlying Markov models.

If time permits, Rene will compare the results of a stochastic approach with a deterministic view of complexity, illustrated with a rather “heretic” application of chaos theory to model ion-channel kinetics by Liebovitch and Toth (1991).

Date: 29/06/2018
Time: 16:00
Location: LB252

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