For the presenter

The time slot for the seminar is of 1 hour. Talks should be about 45 minutes long, the rest of the time is dedicated to questions.

You are encouraged to:

  • present your own research rather than papers;
  • prepare a powerpoint presentation;
  • give general background/contextualization so that everyone can understand.

The journal club is currently run in hybrid mode – the presenter may give their speech online or in person.

Thank you and good luck with your speech :)

For everyone

The schedule of the presentations can be found here. You will receive weekly emails inviting you to the seminars.

The journal club is currently run in hybrid mode. Attendees may either join online or meet in a dedicated room on campus to facilitate discussions:

  • The online meetings will usually be held on Zoom. To join online, please use the link provided in the weekly emails.
  • Look out for weekly emails where you can find the room number to attend on campus.

Everyone is encouraged to ask questions – it is a good time to practice this skill!

Thank you and enjoy the presentations :)