Feature Weighted Density-based Clustering

This week on Journal Club session Na Helian will talk about her work done together with her PhD student Stiphen Chowdhury about "Feature Weighted Density-based Clustering".

DBSCAN is arguably the most popular density-based clustering algorithm, and it is capable of recovering non-spherical clusters. One of its main weaknesses is that it treats all features equally. In this paper, we propose a density-based clustering algorithm capable of calculating feature weights representing the degree of relevance of each feature, which takes the density structure of the data into account. First, we improve DBSCAN and introduce a new algorithm called DBSCANR. DBSCANR reduces the number of parameters of DBSCAN to one. Then, a new step is introduced to the clustering process of DBSCANR to iteratively update feature weights based on the current partition of data. The feature weights produced by the weighted version of the new clustering algorithm, W-DBSCANR, measure the relevance of variables in a clustering and can be used in feature selection in data mining applications where large and complex real-world data are often involved. Experimental results on both artificial and real-world data have shown that the new algorithms outperformed the DBSCAN type algorithms in recovering clusters in data.

Date: 2021/07/09
Time: 14:00
Location: online

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