Model driven engineering: an emerging technical space

Marco Craveiro's journal club session where he presents the paper, "Model Driven Engineering: An Emerging Technical Space (Bézivin, 2006)".

As an emerging solution to the handling of complex and evolving software systems, Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is still very much in evolution. The industrial demand is quite high while the research answer for a sound set of foundation principles is still far from being stabilized. Therefore it is important to provide a current state of the art in MDE, describing what its origins are, what its present state is, and where it seems to be presently leading. One important question is how MDE relates to other contemporary technologies. This tutorial proposes the ”technical space” concept to this purpose. The two main objectives are to present first the basic MDE principles and second how these principles may be mapped onto modern platform support. Other issues that will be discussed are the applicability of these ideas, concepts, and tools to solve current practical problems. Various organizations and companies (OMG, IBM, Microsoft, etc.) are currently proposing several environments claiming to support MDE. Among these, the OMG MDATM(Model Driven Architecture) has a special place since it was historically one of the original proposals in this area. This work focuses on the identification of basic MDE principles, practical characteristics of MDE (direct representation, automation, and open standards), original MDE scenarios, and discussions of suitable tools and methods.

The objectives of this talk are as follows:

  • provide a general overview of Model Driven Engineering (MDE)
  • cover some of the difficulties of this approach

Date: 9/06/2017
Time: 16:00
Location: LB252

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