Handling Variability in Model Transformations and Generators

The talk will be on Völter et al's paper on "Handling Variability in Model Transformations and Generators". Marco will provide an introduction to the topic and explain how it relates to his research.

Paper abstract:

Software product line engineering aims to reduce development time, effort, cost, and complexity by taking advantage of the commonality within a portfolio of similar products. The effectiveness of a software product line approach directly depends on how well feature variability within the portfolio is implemented and managed throughout the development lifecycle, from early analysis through maintenance and evolution. Using DSLs and AO to implement product lines can yield significant advantages, since the variability can be implemented on a higher level of abstraction, in less detailed models. This paper illustrates how variability can be implemented in model-to-model transformations and code generators using aspect-oriented techniques. These techniques are important ingredients for the aspectoriented model-driven product line engineering approach presented in [13].

Date: 28/02/2018
Time: 16:00
Location: LB252

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