Learning in Cephalopod Brains

Damien Drix's journal club session, where he will present an overview of learning in Caphalopod brains, while referencing various papers.

Cephalopods are very much unlike the familiar model organisms of mammalian neuroscience; yet they are emerging as a promising model organism in comparative neurobiology and in bio-inspired robotics. This talk will start with a general overview of cephalopod brains and behaviour. We will then focus on learning in the vertical lobe and compare it with the mushroom body of insects.

Damien will reference the following papers:

"Computation in the learning system of cephalopods (J. Z. Young, 1991)"

"Functional and comparative assessments of the octopus learning and memory system (Binyamin Hochner, 2010)"

"Alternative sites of synaptic plasticity in two homologous "fan-out fan-in" learning and memory networks (Tal Shomrat et al., 2011)"

"An Embodied View of Octopus Neurobiology (Binyamin Hochner, 2012)"

Date: 08/02/2019
Time: 16:00
Location: D118

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