NeuroFedora: a ready to use Free/Open source platform for neuroscientists

In this seminar, I introduce the NeuroFedora initiative to the group. I explain our goals, our philosophy, our methods, our current state and, solicit feedback on our work.

The (current) goal of the NeuroFedora SIG is to provide a ready to use platform for neuroscientists. We aim to do this by making commonly used Neuroscience software easily installable on a Fedora Linux system.

Neuroscience is an extremely multidisciplinary field. It brings together mathematicians, chemists, biologists, physicists, psychologists, engineers (electrical and others), computer scientists, and more. A lot of software is used nowadays in Neuroscience for:

  • data collection, analysis, and sharing.
  • image processing (a lot of ML is used here, think Data Science).
  • simulation of brain networks (NEURON, Nest, Moose, PyNN, Brian).
  • dissemination of scientific results (peer reviewed and otherwise, think LaTeX).

Given that a large proportion of neuroscientists are not trained in computer science, a lot of resources are spent setting up systems, installing software (often building whole dependency chains from source). This can be especially hard for people not well-versed in software development and related fields.

So, at NeuroFedora, we aim to enable Neuroscience research by providing a ready to use Fedora based system for researchers to work with. NeuroFedora is Free software and is therefore free to all to use, modify, study, and share.

Date: 07/12/2018
Time: 16:00
Location: D120

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